What’s the first step?

Call and tell us what kind of event you’re planning. How many people there’ll be and what kind of drinks you like. Tell us if you’ll have your own catering staff, whether you need catering staff or whether you’re going for self-service.

From there we can suggest a cocktails menu and beer selection for you. We’ll advise the quantities and costs from our preferred suppliers. 

Ok then what?

You place the alcohol order with the supplier (we’d love to but it’s a liquor licence issue). We’ll pick up the alcohol and deliver it with the bar to your venue. We’ll get the kegs plumbed up and we’ll prepare your Deconstructed Cocktail Station ready for service.

Do I need to hire a bartender?

That’s up to you. The bar is designed specifically for fast and easy drinks preparation. If you’re having a catered wedding then you’re catering staff can prepare a high volume of drinks with ease.

If needed the Indybar team can provide full bar service based on guest numbers and drink requirements. Call now to find out more.

If you’re having a backyard, uncatered party we suggest going “Self-Serve”.

With our Deconstructed Cocktail system we break down each drink into two or three easy steps. In this way fresh drinks can be made in seconds rather than minutes. Our system makes it so easy that anyone can do it and everyone has a bit of fun pulling beers and mixing drinks.

We generally don’t supply service staff however if you want service personnel we can help arrange it on request.

Which cocktails can I offer my guests?

Whatever you like really. However remember that some cocktails are more complex than others.

Everyone loves a cocktail party but no one wants to wait 10 minutes for their drink to be prepared. To simplify things we suggest offering two different cocktail options to your guests.

We can suggest a range of cocktail options which compliment each other, are easy to mix and share elements for cost effectiveness.

Do you supply glassware?

Glassware is something we can supply on request. Typically catered events such as weddings have their own glassware so we don’t offer it. If you need glassware we will simply hire it on your behalf and pass on the cost and any breakage charges.

Where can I install the bar?

We can install the bar in almost any location. Under the patio or in the yard. On grass or tiles. Inside or outside. We’ll run an extension lead to a nearby power point. If needed we can bring a generator for power.

How long do you need to set up and when do you return?

We’ll be set up in under one hour and we’ll pack down in the same time. Give us access to install the bar during the day of your event and we’ll pick it up when you’re done. We typically plan for a next day pick up however we often work to meet customers event schedules.

What if I don't finish all the alcohol?

Most alcohols suppliers offer a return system for unopened bottles and kegs. We’ll return what you don’t use. If you’re half finished with a beer keg we can hire you a very simple tap system to finish it off.

Can I modify the appearance to suit the party theme?

You bet you can. This is our specialty. We can change the graphics with any photo or design. We encourage you to use your own logo’s, theme’s, images or photos to make your event special. There is a $100 fee for custom graphics printing. We have a suite of lighting colour options to match the party theme.

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